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Toenail Masters specializes in Non-invasive Remedial Toenail Services. We provide non-surgical services for ingrown toenails, uncomfortable, ugly or embarrassing toenails. We work on fungal, thick and discolored toenails, missing or partially missing, pincher, painful embarrassing toenails. 

In addition to our locations in Kelowna and Calgary Toenail Masters provides consulting and training at clinics and medical spas throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as on-site services to the public at hosting locations. Keep checking back as our onsite locations (listed on Contact page) rotate regularly with new locations added as existing locations graduate and launch their own Toenail Masters services.

Our non-invasive services do not hurt. There is no surgical cutting or freezing. Any costs are fee-for-service and not eligible for coverage, even if your physician has referred you directly to us. However, you do not need a physician referral to book a consultation with us and all our applications have an *Improvement Money-back Guarantee that we proudly stand behind. Our services are typically far less costly than surgical options. Medical needs are outside our scope and we refer as appropriate. Join us for a consultation to find out if our services are right for you and what we recommend.


Bad Toenail?

Show it to us... tell us your email address and we will send you a complimentary voucher for your first consultation, a $125 value! Also, appointments scheduled at Kelowna location don't pay the $12 Reservation fee*




My doctor told me I had to have surgery to fix my toenail, that there was no other way... my doctor was wrong. My feet are now pain free, my toe nails are fixed and I have zero pain for the first time in years.


I had very  bad toenails and needed braces on 4 toenails. Dr recommended that I go see Jen. The best decision I made and highly recommend Jen... after getting braces on my toenails getting them straight again ataking pain away and allowing me to get around ten times better. Awesome job


Amazing so happy I got referred... I had ripped my big toenail off over a month ago and she made it pretty agoin by building me a new toenail. Thank you so much .  I highly recommend her; her work is amazing


Today was my first visit... I have been experiencing ingrown toenail’s as well as fungus and had a partial toenail removal years ago which I have had problems with ever since. The difference from my first visit is remarkable and I’m looking forward to the Final results. I would highly recommend to anyone experiencing problems with their toenails!


I had missed two appointments to get my big toe nails cut out permanently. I’m glad I missed them now. I let my in grown toe nails grow out thinking I will have no more issues. I was wrong, they curled to the point of almost touching. I couldn’t even stand a bed sheet across them let alone shoes and work boots... affects many things in my life, sleeping, walking, golfing, skiing just to name a few. I thank you so much and wish I had know about you years earlier!


Jen... has been looking after me for 4 years now and happy to be able to wear sandals this summer without being embarrassed by my UGLY toenails

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